Throughout 2017, I let writing take a very much necessary back seat.

Six months out of university, weary from my foray into the world of office work and disheartened by my lack of direction (give graduates a break, that first year is hard) I chose to make reading the sole focus of my year. I read exactly one hundred books, ranging from tiny collections of poetry to chunky tomes of Donna Tartt, and it was wonderful. My tank was filled right to the brim, and as the year drew to a close I found myself, at long last, itching to get back to the keyboard.

To clarify: what I mean by ‘writing’ is a) structured, regular writing, and b) writing for the internet. In actuality, I wrote and thought about writing a great deal. I scribbled ideas for short stories, kept notebooks of half-poems and observations, and even began tentative work on a novel. There was no pressure; I wrote only when I felt I had something to get down on the page, and it just happened that this was far more frequently than I had anticipated.

Whether it was the lack of obligation or the increased time spent reading (I suspect the latter), by the recent turn of year I found myself creatively refuelled. And now, with 2018 well and truly under way, there's a need to revisit all of those thoughts and anxieties about creativity and work, and figure out what comes next. 

Which leads us nicely onto this shiny new website. 

I spent weeks putting together something more complicated, and then decided at the last minute to strip it all back. This is what I was left with.

In many ways, it's little more than a storage solution for the odds and ends that I tap into my keyboard - particular feelings I had towards a novel; a personal revelation on why I find it difficult to cull my collection of books; messy musings on a trip taken with friends. Not a journal, nor a creative writing portfolio, both of which are kept from prying (or, let’s face it, uninterested) eyes. 

These are the scribbles that run away from the notes app on my phone, but aren’t prepared to submit themselves to fiction.